In January 2019 Nelson Troutman, a dairy farmer from Lebanon County, saw a need to promote whole milk. He came up with the idea to paint his message on bale boards and display them in his field along the road and people took notice! The dairy community began to realize there was a need to share reliable and relevant information about the benefits of whole milk with consumers. So, a grassroots committee made up of 25 dairy farmers and agri-business professionals decided to meet and brainstorm. One of the ideas that come out of that first meeting was to create a website – to share real milk facts. At the same time the committee also decided to market their ideas on social media pages through facebook, twitter and instagram. This led to a full out marketing campaign that included creating banners, t-shirts, and other signage to be handed out to the public at events or displayed on dairy farms.

Today, 97 Milk is run by 6 board members and the help from many agri-business professionals and dairy farmers. The goal for 97 Milk is to share milk facts with consumers, share the dedication and passion of family owned dairy farmers and help answer your milk questions.

Some 97 Milk accomplishments
  • We were formed in 2019 by a group of dairy farmers and agri-business professionals in Southeastern PA.
  • 97 Milk is operated by 5 board members who hold regular meetings in Lancaster, PA. These meetings are open to the public so they can share their thoughts and ideas with 97 Milk.
  • 97 Milk first promoted baleboards as its main source of advertising. Now, creative new banners, signs and new billboards are popping up all across the nation all promoting “drink whole milk” and referencing
  • Website traffic continues to grow each month.
  • We operate Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts-where we share news and milk facts with our followers.
What is 97 Milk currently working on?
  • Running an educational website that features milk facts, dairy news articles and downloadable material.
  • Posting educational facts on social media- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Getting involved in community and events such as corn mazes, fairs and community days. Anywhere we can connect with consumers is key!
  • Looking to put up more billboards- We want to continue to grow the 97 Milk message to new areas.
  • Looking to start new 97 Milk Chapters. A 97 MILK chapter is a group of people that meet regularly and are involved in local events and fairs that provide opportunities to get in front of consumers.
What can you do to help 97 Milk grow and continue sharing milk education with our communities?
  • Share information from 97 Milk with a friend!
  • Buy a banner and display it. Visit our Store
  • Contact 97 Milk to help sponsor a billboard.
  • Follow 97 Milk on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Donate to 97 Milk- Donate online at or mail checks to 97 Milk, PO BOX 87, Bird in Hand, PA 17505 Donate Here
  • Get information on starting a 97 Milk chapter in your community. Find Out How

While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things can be extraordinary!