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“While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things can be extraordinary”

Opening a new 97 Milk Chapter

The goal to having new 97 MILK chapters is to be involved with your local community and connect with consumers directly. We recommend getting involved with local events, fairs and community events to get in front of consumers.

  • If you are printing your own marketing material, please include 97milk.com and the 97 Milk logo.
  • You can be referred to as 97 MILK of _______(97 Milk of Leigh Valley, 97 Milk of Lancaster, etc.).
  • Please submit your chapter name to 97 MILK LLC so they can add your chapter to the website and growth can be tracked.
  • We recommend forming a board of 3 members for each chapter and holding quarterly meetings.
  • Continue to share and keep the original vision and mission of 97 MILK, LLC. Keeping a positive message about milk education is a priority.
  • We recommend creating an operating agreement (sample is available upon request from 97 MILK, LLC).
  • Each chapter will oversee running their own meetings.
  • Each chapter will oversee raising and managing their own funds.

97 MILK LLC will be used as a reference only and will continue to oversee the website and all social media postings. These chapters are to be formed for direct community involvement.