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    From a dairy farm in Waupaca, WI

    “Farming is hard work. It’s even harder when milk prices are low and there isn’t much room for profit. Farmers get a bad rap for how we treat our animals, and people say we’re only concerned about making money. But did you know that most farmers put the needs of their animals before their own? They sacrifice family time or time off to care for their animals? They do everything in their power to ensure each and every single animal has clean housing, fresh water and food, even if that means we cut into our “take home” pay. While you sit down for a meal with your family, or go out for ice cream farmers are always working to produce clean and healthy food. The work never stops. We encourage all of you to talk to your local farmer and ask questions. See for yourself where your food comes from. Also, eat dairy. It does the body good.” – Sheridan Flats Dairy

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