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    From a dairy farm in Lititz, PA

    “It is me and my husband, with the help of some hired hands that operate a dairy farm here in Lancaster County. Caring and nurturing the cows has been our fulfillment through the years. The cows are our focus and they literally melt my heart. They sense the affection expressed to them as they are routinely referred to as, ”honey, sweetie, pumpkin, ladies and pretty girls!” It’s amusing to see them at the start of a milking shift, eagerly anticipating the opening of the gate, that allows them to enter the holding area. They run up to wait in line, jumping and grunting and expressing joy in a playful way. They are happy! It’s their play time! They routinely get greeted by the milking staff with scratches to the head and neck rubs as they affectionately like to lick to reciprocate the love. They are family here and we love our cows!”

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